How to Slow Hair Growth

How to Slow Hair Growth


Not all of us are blessed with blonde body hair that creeps back slowly. Some suffer with dark, coarse hair that results in a five o’clock shadow on the legs just hours after shaving. It seems impossible that you could alter the speed at which your body hair returns. However, according to the experts, there are a few ways that you can slow growth.

Medication to slow hair growth

Medication is a more serious solution for those with significant hair regrowth in generally abnormal places. Miami dermatologist Dr. Deborah Longwill suggests considering Spironolactone if your hormones are what is behind your overgrowth of hair. “Spironolactone (often referred to as Spiro) is commonly prescribed in dermatologists’ offices for female hormonal acne. It reduces androgen hormones that often are the cause of hormonal acne. These same androgen hormones are known to cause excess body hair growth,” explains Fort Lauderdale, FL dermatologist Dr. Matthew Elias. By getting those hormones under control, the medication can help slow hair growth. 

Treatments to slow hair growth

There are a handful of options that remove hair impermanently and slow the regrowth in the process. For example, Dr. Longwill suggests waxing, tweezing, threading and sugaring, all of which can result in thinner hair that grows back slower over time. She adds that laser hair removal (semi-permanent) and electrolysis (permanent) are the most effective ways to stop the regrowth of hair.

Products to slow hair growth

European Wax Center’s Slow Collection visibly reduces “the appearance and thickness of hair regrowth” by slowing hair regrowth at the root, explains Deidra Green, European Wax Center field training manager. The signature ingredient in the Slow Collection is Narcissus tazetta bulb extract, which slows hair regrowth. Green notes that the products work best on waxed or plucked skin “because waxing pulls hair out directly from the root versus shaving, which simply cuts it off at the skin’s surface.”

Completely Bare Don’t Grow There Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor ($11) decreases cell growth rate to minimize hair follicles and slow and reduce hair regrowth. Additionally, GiGi Slow Grow with Argan Oil ($16) uses papain and natural enzymes to slow hair regrowth and make the hair finer.

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