How to Achieve the TikTok Famous “Cinnamon Nails”

How to Achieve the TikTok Famous “Cinnamon Nails”


There are a lot of superficial TikTok beauty trends floating around. While we’re here for trends that simply help us up our beauty game, we especially love the cinnamon nails trend on TikTok because it’s meant to help you improve your life on a deeper level. Skip the nail salon this week and opt for an at-home cinnamon manicure to help you manifest your dreams.

In June, TikTok user and artist Elizabeth Bradford shared a video with a message for those “wondering why [they’re] stagnant.” Bradford advises viewers to remember “that cinnamon brings abundance,” so she suggests putting it in clear nail polish and waiting to see what happens in your life as a result.

In the video, Bradford paints her nails with two coats of cinnamon mixed into clear OPI nail polish. She finishes it off with a top coat, during which she sets her intentions. In the comments, Bradford suggests letting the cinnamon sit in the polish for a while before using it. This results in a more pigmented look. 

Not only is this practice great for welcoming abundance into your life, but it also results in a unique, grainy brown manicure. People in the comments set out to try the hack with other spices or other nail polish colors. One TikTok user gave herself a french manicure with cinnamon, while another combined cinnamon nails with jelly nails, another trend.