How being sensitive can elevate the world; watch the video to know



In life, we meet different kinds of people. Everyone is unique. However, it is also true that we don’t refrain from categorising people into specific groups based on a few common traits.

In this TED talk, Elena Herdieckerhoff talks about the gentle power of highly sensitive people. She defines herself as one. “The common assumption about the highly sensitive people is that we are somehow weak and fragile creatures who picked a losing ticket in the genetics of life.”

She adds, “HSP are like everyone else except that they experience the world in a more vivid way. Not every HSPs are alike. Every HSP has their own unique sensitive fingerprint alongside other identity markers like gender, ethnicity, and culture and personal background. Being an HSP is not an illness and it is also not a choice. It is a genetic trait. We are essentially born to be mild. As a society, we have come to think of sensitivity as a flaw; an unfortunate, emotional Achilles heel, that tempers with our ability to become ever more optimised, detached, and robotic.”

She concludes by saying, “Now, I’m not suggesting that all HSPs are geniuses that shape the world. But, most HSPs have a genuine urge to create connection and meaning. Because they feel every pain they see, they want to elevate the forgotten and save the misfortune. When HSP try to hide their sensitivity to fit in, we all lose.”

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