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MILAN — Tactile and three dimensional fabrics are here to stay.

As textile firms debut their fall 2023 collections throughout the summer at specialty fairs trying to anticipate trends and needs that fashion brands will adopt in one year’s time — particularly, more sustainable options — the crafty and artisanal touch and feel that dominated recent fashion offerings seems to be more than just a volatile trend.

Here, WWD compiled a list of textiles expected to appear in the fall 2023 runway collections.

Botto Giuseppe’s Slowool Earth, a RWS, traceable woolen textile available in cloth, twill and flannel versions suitable for outerwear and treated with Cradle-to-Cradle certified finishings.

Botto Giuseppe’s Slowool Earth fabrics.
Courtesy of Botto Giuseppe

Lanificio di Tollegno’s Super Stretch, a woolen and elastane fabric intended for suits, with wrinkle-free and super stretch qualities, up to 25 percent of elasticity, treated according to ZDHC protocols and compliant with the Manufacturing Restricted Substances List.

Lanificio di Tollegno's Super Stretch fabrics.

Lanificio di Tollegno’s Super Stretch fabrics.
Courtesy of Lanificio di Tollegno

Reda’s Attitude, a thick, 100 percent merino wool fabric inspired by Reda’s archival textiles from the 1970s, weighing roughly 13 ounces and bearing a Prince of Wales pattern intended for suiting.

Reda's Attitude fabric.

Reda’s Attitude fabric.
Courtesy of Reda

Lineapiù’s Naif, a blend of superfine mohair, certified according to the Responsible Mohair Standard, and merino wools mixed with polyamide, boasting a gauze-like effect suitable for knitwear pieces, including jackets, cardigans, suits and scarves.

Lineapiù's Naif textile.

Lineapiù’s Naif textile.
Courtesy of Lineapiù

Eurojersey’s registered Sensitive Fabrics intended for stretch shirts, suits and pants boasting wrinkle-free, pill-free and iron-free qualities, as well as enhanced breathability features, developed in compliance with PEF indicators, as well as Oeko-Tex and ZDHC principles.

Eurojersey's registered Sensitive Fabrics.

Eurojersey’s registered Sensitive Fabrics.
Courtesy of Eurojersey

Albini 1876’s 4Flex cotton and elastane fabric is a four-way stretch textile, breathable and wrinkle-free. It is made from traceable Supima cotton and intended for shirts, T-shirts and outerwear.

Albini 1876's 4Flex fabric.

Albini 1876’s 4Flex fabric.
Courtesy of Albini 1876

Redaelli Velluti’s Angelica made of FSC-approved viscose and GRS polyester is a dévoré velvet with a shimmering surface intended for gowns and lightweight overcoats.

Redaelli Velluti's Angelica

Redaelli Velluti’s Angelica
Courtesy of Redaelli Velluti

Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti’s Flow range’s latest iteration is a 90 percent wool and 10 percent cashmere blend done in a macro-checkered pattern and weaved according to the raising technique providing a fluffy aspect particularly suitable for coats.

Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti's Flow fabric.

Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti’s Flow fabric.
Courtesy of Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti

Tessuti di Sondrio’s Herbarium 10 is a GOTs certified two-ply cotton fabric dyed using plant- and bio-based pigments resulting in deep hues suitable for suits and outerwear.

Tessuti di Sondrio's Herbarium 10 fabric.

Tessuti di Sondrio’s Herbarium 10 fabric.
Courtesy of Tessuti di Sondrio

Piacenza 1733’s First Class — Albatross, a 100 percent open-weave merino wool fabric intended for lightweight and wrinkle-free suits and also boasting waterproof qualities thanks to nanotechnologies.

Piacenza 1733's First Class - Albatross fabric.

Piacenza 1733’s First Class – Albatross fabric.
Courtesy of Piacenza 1733

Vitale Barberis Canonico’s carded flannel from the H.O.P.E. line is a GRS-certified woolen flannel containing 50 percent upcycled fibers from the mill’s own deadstock and available in a range of solids and melange options intended for suits and blazers.

Vitale Barberis Canonico's carded flannel from the H.O.P.E. Line.

Vitale Barberis Canonico’s carded flannel from the H.O.P.E. line.
Courtesy of Vitale Barberis Canonico

Maglificio Maggia’s jersey fabric resembles  Shetland wool and is made of an even blend of cashmere and camel hair paired with cotton yarns in saturated nuances intended to offer extra brightness to jackets.

Maglificio Maggia's jersey.

Maglificio Maggia’s jersey.
Courtesy of Maglificio Maggia

Manteco’s Pure, a registered fabric made of Mwool, a regenerated, GRS-certified wool trademarked by the mill and crafted from mechanical and low-impact pre- and post-consumer recycled wool colored without using additional dyes as per Recype, the mill’s coloring process obtained by combining differently toned yarns. It is wrinkle-free, breathable and intended for outerwear.

Manteco's Pure fabric

Manteco’s Pure fabric
Courtesy of Manteco

Brunello’s trademarked BemBAZIN is a GRS-certified damask bazin crafted from Asahi Kasei’s Bemberg fibers sourced from pre-consumer materials, including cotton linters, and intended for occasionwear.

Brunello's BemBAZIN fabric.

Brunello’s BemBAZIN fabric.
Courtesy of Brunello

Iluna Group’s Green Label laces crafted from Amni Soul Eco 6.6 polyamide yarns and the ROICA V550 degradable stretch yarns. Intended for eco-minded underwear, hosiery and fashion pieces, they are dyed according to Oeko-Tex and GOTS principles.

Iluna Group's Green Label laces.

Iluna Group’s Green Label laces.
Courtesy of Iluna Group

Monticolor’s So Light, a blend of 65 percent long-fiber organic cotton certified by the Organic Content Standard and 35 percent polyamide. It is offered as a knitwear-intended yarn for voluminous sweaters and outwear.

Monticolor's So Light knitwear yarn.

Monticolor’s So Light knitwear yarn.
Courtesy of Monticolor

Canepa’s Biodegradable Nylon is a fabric that naturally biodegrades in the soil within five years. It is suitable for different finishings and textures, and apt for suits, outerwear and beachwear.

Canepa's Biodegradable Nylon.

Canepa’s Biodegradable Nylon.
Courtesy of Canepa

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