Everything That Inspires The Inspiring Francesco Clark

Everything That Inspires The Inspiring Francesco Clark


Even when you’re emailing with Francesco Clark, founder of botanical skin-care brand Clark’s Botanicals, you can feel his joy. But, his contagious energy hasn’t come easy. After a paralyzing injury and a battle with depression, he credits the power of skin care with helping to save him.

Italian Delight

“My favorite place in the world is Rome. It’s chaotic and breathtaking at the same time. You turn a corner and stop at the marvel of the Spanish Steps or the Trevi Fountain and know you’ll remember it forever.”

Joy Envision

“I love Van Gogh because his color palette brings me a sense of joy. His upward, rectangular and chunky brushstrokes feel like a world of their own, but altogether you see the full vision of his paintings. His piece, entitled Cypresses, transports me to my childhood in Italy.”

Mood Bring

“My current mood is about adding small windows of intention into my day. This came from my need for simplification after the constant barrage of digital interruption and the never-ending feel of it. It makes me feel anxious, so my solution is adding fun habits into my day-to-day.”

Reset Button

“When it’s a nice day, I’m always one to take the longer route to wherever I’m going. It feels like you’re giving yourself a chance to reconnect with both nature and yourself—while going wherever it is you need to go.”

Supper Time

“Family dinner is my time to decompress. I cannot eat at my desk, except for the unavoidable rushed work lunch. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Italy and food is part of our social culture. The deliberate way a meal is cooked imparts a sense of respect and value to your time enjoying it later, together. Plus, a glass or two of wine makes it even more Italian!”

Everyday Essentials

“After I cleanse, I use Clark’s Botanicals Jasmine Vital Cream, our Hydrating Algae Face Oil and our new Invisible Hero SPF 30. When my scalp is reactive and in need of a treatment, I love Act+Acre Cold Processed Scalp Detox. When I need a boost, I add a couple of drops of Vitruvi Grapefruit Essential Oil into a spray bottle with water and use it as a room mist.”

Playing Favorites

Saint Ambroeus is Francesco’s favorite restaurant in New York, Il Gattopardo his favorite movie, and anything that can be dressed up or dressed down is essential to his wardrobe.