‘Euphoria’ Makeup Artist Donni Davy’s Half Magic Makeup Line Is Finally Here | Exclusive Details


“Particularly with glitter, if you use a wet glitter product, it can muck up a powder eye shadow, which I’d run into a lot,” Davy says. “Then I’d be searching for long-wear liquid eye shadows, but they weren’t pigmented enough or maybe they were cream-based so they would move around. It was searching around for different products to use that would layer, the idea being that your glitter is your topper — your finishing touch — but it doesn’t ruin the makeup that you already put on.”

Allure beauty and wellness editor Taylore Glynn wearing Chromaddiction and Light Trap Duochrome Glow Powder.

Courtesy of Taylore Glynn

Allure commerce editor Sarah Han wearing Chromaddiction Matte.

Courtesy of Sarah Han

Chromaddiction is an eye paint and liner hybrid that can be washed all over the lid or used for intricate liner designs, similar to Jules’ looks. There are four shades of matte: We Are Aliens, a springy green, Burn It Down, a vivid red that leans more warm than cool, Wild Caught, a salmon pink, and probably the most on-trend shade: Sky Juice, a perfect periwinkle. (Davy developed the shades long before Pantone’s Color of the Year, Very Peri, was announced. Stroke of genius.)

These mattes help intensify Chromaddiction Shimmer, a topper described as “fairy dust.” The fine-grained, multidimensional pearls include flecks of turquoise and purples which catch light in every direction and come in four corresponding shades to the mattes. I never thought periwinkle would be a color I’d incorporate into my look regularly, but pairing Sky Juice with Spirit Guide has been in heavy rotation after Davy demoed the products on me. That’s the beauty of letting her paint your face: you’re going to walk away with an appreciation for a product or color you may not have given a second thought to.

Glitterpill is just as it sounds. Suspended in a gel base, it formulates glitter in various sizes and complementary hues to maximize reflectivity. Davy designed it so that not only is there minimal fallout, but also with eye-safe glitters and pigments. Try Microcosm to fulfill your disco ball needs.

Group shot of Chromaddiction in matte and shimmer shades.

Courtesy of brand

Group shot of Glitterpill.

Courtesy of brand

The pigments are bold and bright; the shimmers and glitters are ultra-reflective. Of course, this is all intentional as Davy dealt with dark shooting conditions and film, which meant creating looks that would stand out and catch even the tiniest sliver of light. As for the Face Gems, she created sizes and shapes she couldn’t readily find — like cones — and utilized medical grade adhesive for ease of use, meaning you can apply them directly from the paper to the face and they’ll stay put without irritation or needing to use lash glue. The good news is they are reusable if you take them off carefully, but you may need a smidge of adhesive to help with staying power upon second (or third, or fourth) use.


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