Deep Dive Dubai – Obstacle By yourself The Deepest Pool In The Globe




Are you courageous ample to challenge the deepest pool in the world? Nicely then, Deep Dive Dubai is below for you to encounter.

*Cause warning: This is not for people today with Thalassophobia. This report includes shots that many others could locate awkward. Thank you!

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge Yourself The Deepest Pool In The World

How deep can you go when swimming in a pool? 5ft? 6ft? Or even a 7ft? How about a 60m (196 ft) pool? Yep, that pool exists, and it’s in Dubai!

Deep Dive Dubai is a at the time-in-a-lifetime experience for thrill-seekers. We’ve listened to skydiving – traveling like a bird countless numbers of meters earlier mentioned, why not try diving a hundred meters below? If you’re in for this activity, then this posting is for you as I will share with you our most modern encounter in Deep Dive Dubai!

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The Commence of a Thrilling and Fascinating Adventure

Below are some snaps from the awesome adventure of my pal, Hobograph, and Nemanja, at Deep Dive Dubai.

Deep Dive Dubai’s 196ft-deep ‘underwater city’ contains ‘abandoned’ homes and an arcade to investigate! Awesome, isn’t it? Regretably, I couldn’t check out this as I experienced surgery a number of weeks in the past, but I hope I can try out this when I appear again.

The very good factor about Deep Dive Dubai is they also have an introductory dive for novices. So, if you’ve in no way dived before, you’d get the chance to try out it First TIME at the deepest pool in the world! Talking about brag, haha! 

The Dive!

I’m not gonna lie, when we arrived at Deep Dive Dubai and observed the pool, it was much too mind-boggling to search at – “This pool is not enjoying! So deep!”, I believed to myself. But hey, I’m adventurous and I appreciate the thrill so I’m 100% prepared to check out! Then I remembered I cannot do it this time owing to my latest medical procedures. One more motive to go back again! Lol

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge Yourself The Deepest Pool In The World

Luckily, my pal, Hobograph, and Nemanja ended up able to try it and I can nevertheless share with you the encounter they had.

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge Yourself The Deepest Pool In The World

The pool at Deep Dive Dubai is not the regular pool in which there is almost nothing to see underneath. I mean, yes, it is deep, but aside from that, there are additional matters to discover after you dive. 

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge Yourself The Deepest Pool In The World

Diving in this article feels like entering a new planet! It is like going swimming in an ocean (other than there are no fish and reefs of study course). There is even a grocery cart! Haha! Brain going purchasing? 

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge Yourself The Deepest Pool In The World

They provide all the products so all you have to do is pay attention to the instruction, have the bravery to dive, and get pleasure from the knowledge! If you want to try it with your small children, also not a difficulty as prolonged as they are 10 a long time old and above.

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge Yourself The Deepest Pool In The World

I was actually envious when observing them possessing entertaining swimming! I actually needed to go in and join them but I just couldn’t. This was the instant I know that I will surely go back again to Dubai for this. I seriously just can’t wait around to do this activity! So, I guess I require to complete my purpose of viewing all international locations in the world appropriate away so I can head straight to Dubai and go diving at Deep Dive Dubai. Haha!

What To Know More About Deep Dive Dubai

As I have described, even inexperienced persons are welcome to dive. Even if you do not have any practical experience with diving before, no dilemma! There are instructors who can train you. Nevertheless, those with pre-current medical disorders that forbid someone to go diving are prohibited to check out the exercise (just like what happened to me.) You can check Deep Dive Dubai’s finish medical problems in this article.

Deep Dive Dubai Challenge Yourself The Deepest Pool In The World

For all those who are certified divers, the diving depth will depend on your certification. According to Deep Dive Dubai, these are the diving depth conditions:

  • As authorized by certification and recency of encounter
  • Commencing divers up to 20m with latest practical experience
  • State-of-the-art divers up to 30m with modern knowledge
  • Trimix skilled specialized divers up to 60m with latest encounter

If you are serious about diving and you want to make it a newfound “hobby”, you can then enroll in Deep Dive Dubai’s Scuba Classes. They will supply all the machines you will need, a pleasant instructor, certification, and a lot more necessary items you have to have all through the study course. 

You can test all their prices and straight book an encounter below.

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