Dakota Johnson Wore a Blazer as a Dress With PVC Shoes




Sometimes when we talk about a certain trend as having “come back,” our readers might disagree and say that it never really went away. Indeed, it’s a very valid argument since fashion ebbs and flows constantly. And no, we don’t take it personally when you have a different opinion, because that’s the beauty of fashion: Everyone sees it differently.

The so-called “naked shoe” trend with clear plastic elements (aka, PVC or vinyl) would definitely fit into this category. We covered the trend all the time circa 2018, and then last year we saw celebrities wearing them again. While I’m tempted to say that the PVC look is back for 2022, others might contend that it’s been holding steady all these years. Whatever the case may be, Dakota Johnson is about to make you want to try out a pair.

Photographed in New York City, she wore an Area blazer dress and pointy-toe Jimmy Choo pumps with a clear plastic ankle strap and vamp. The crystal embellishments at the tip of the toe make these shoes particularly current for 2022—we’re calling it the princess shoe trend because it’s reminiscent of Cinderella’s glass slippers. Scroll down to see Dakota Johnson’s newest outfit, and shop similar pieces. 


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