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I’ve been working from home for years, and one of my tricks for being productive and staying motivated is getting “ready” every day. This means real clothes, makeup, and sometimes even curling my hair. Feeling pulled together helps me feel on top of everything, and if I do venture out to run errands with Thomas, I’m already ready to go.

However, over the last year and a half since having Thomas, I’ve grown more comfortable in athleisure outfits, as long as they look pulled together. The trick has been finding things that look really nice that still feel great all day. And, if I’m going to wear athleisure, I like to do my hair and makeup so that I look and feel like myself.

Today I’m sharing my favorite recent athleisure picks and why I love them. I’ve included both cold and warm weather outfits, but the warm weather outfits have been recently updated. I’ll update the cold weather looks as we get closer to the fall. First up, summer athleisure looks.

Let’s dive in!

Cute Athleisure Outfit Ideas

Warm Weather Athleisure Outfits

When it’s warm (ahem, HOT) outside, athleisure is amazing.  My problem with some athleisure looks is that they’re too athletic looking or they’re not comfortable enough. So below, I’m rounding up outfits that are both feminine and comfortable.

Summer Athleisure

To create a good warm weather athleisure look you need 3 things:

1. A dress (my favorite!), top or tank that doesn’t require a complicated bra

2. Bottoms that aren’t tight or heavy since both will be too hot (at least if you have humid summers like we do!)

3. Shoes that can go on a long walk around the block no problem. For me, that’s cute sneakers. Sometimes I’ll also wear my Birkenstocks out on walks, but I’m always glad when I’m wearing real sneakers.

I also like to have a  lightweight sweater to throw on since I get cold inside with the air conditioning running. (My desk is right over an AC vent!)


Like I mentioned above, a dress is one of my favorite athleisure outfit staples. I love feeling pulled together but comfortable, and that’s where a find a dress makes all the difference. My favorite this summer is by Abercrombie, called the Traveler Mini Polo Dress. Originally, I bought it for golf, but I’ve worn it for many non-golf days as well. The collar makes it feel more polished, which I love.

You’ll see how I styled the dress with different shoes below.

You’ll never believe how much you say I’ve gotten out of this collared summer dress. I wear it for golf, as leisure, you could wear it for tennis, you name it! It does not come with built-in shorts, which I actually prefer, because I can wear my favorite Lululemon compression shorts. It makes using the bathroom easier since it isn’t connected like a romper? #LTKfit#LTKunder100#LTKSeasonal

Outfit details here

My favorite athleisure workout dress! I also wear this to play golf and it’s the best. I wear my Lululemon fast and free running shorts underneath in a Razorback sports bra. #LTKSeasonal#LTKfit#LTKstyletip#LTKfit#LTKSeasonal

Outfit details here

This Abercrombie golf and tennis dress has become one of my summer staples. I wear it for golf, but I also wear it throughout the day when I’m not playing golf! I throw on a pair of compression shorts underneath. #LTKSeasonal #LTKfit

Outfit details here

Wearing my favorite golf dress, but this time I threw a quarter zip on top! The key to making this work is making sure that your sweatshirt is cropped, otherwise, it looks sloppy! #LTKstyletip #LTKSeasonal

Outfit details here


My favorite athleisure skirt is by SPANX. The Get Moving Skort has been my favorite for two years running. I wear it mostly for golf, but it’s great for athleisure too. I pair it with a comfortable top and sneakers most often. I also love the Lululemon Pace Revival Mid Rise Skort.

See how I styled them below!

All blue for a monochromatic look (one of my favorite ways to dress – see another example here).

I love a good tennis skirt moment! #LTKstyletip #LTKSeasonal

Outfit details here

My favorite golf skirt is from spanks, and it would double as a perfect tennis skirt! The pink color just makes me so happy, and I’ve paired it with my favorite Peter Millar sleeveless collared shirt. #golf #LTKSeasonal #LTKfit

Outfit details here

My all-time favorite errand purse. The Lululemon everywhere belt bag?????? all that’s left is the orange option online, but I found a couple similar options that aren’t Lulu! #LTKfit#LTKhome#LTKbaby

Outfit details here

One of my all-time favorite golf looks— White on white, with pops of pink?? #LTKSeasonal #LTKfit

Outfit details here


I always pair my athleisure outfits with sneakers since they are cute and practical. I don’t think an outfit is truly athleisure if the shoes aren’t comfortable and easy to chase a toddler in! My favorites are Vejas Campos sneakers. They’re more elevated than a traditional running shoe (mine are leather), but they’re still comfortable. They’re super cute with jeans too! They are hard to find in stock, so keep your eyes out if they’re sold out, and check multiple retailers. I also just bought these On Clouds from ShopBop if you prefer more of an athletic sneaker look.

See how I styled my Vejas below.

My favorite athleisure workout dress! I also wear this to play golf and it’s the best. I wear my Lululemon fast and free running shorts underneath in a Razorback sports bra. #LTKSeasonal #LTKfit

Outfit details here.

My all-time favorite errand purse. The Lululemon everywhere belt bag?????? all that’s left is the orange option online, but I found a couple similar options that aren’t Lulu! #LTKfit #LTKhome #LTKbaby

Outfit details here

These red shorts are my favorite summer shorts ever because they’re so stretchy! They are made by SPANX and I can’t say enough great things about them. I like them so much more than my J.Crew Chino shorts! #LTKunder100 #LTKstyletip #LTKSeasonal

Outfit details here

I’ve included a few outfit collages for some inspiration below.

Outfit #1 

The pop of pink makes me happy. You don’t have to wear an athletic top with this outfit, but it’s sure nice when it’s hot outside. The thing I love most about this is the skort since the bright white shade is summery with any color top! See all the outfit details here. Cute Athleisure Outfit Ideas


Outfit details here

Outfit #2

I love this ribbed tank. I love the fitted look and the white color, since it could be worn with anything. I’ve had OnCloud shoes for years, and I love that they’re SO comfortable and slip on!

Cute Athleisure Outfit Ideas

Outfit details here

Outfit #3

Here’s an example of a regular cotton tank with athletic shorts. You couldn’t know these are athletic shorts by looking since they have a cute paperbag waist, but the material is sweat wicking! I’d pair them with my favorite visor from this summer. All the outfit details here.

Cute Athleisure Outfit Ideas

Outfit Details here

Outfit #4

These shorts are from Athleta and I’ve had them in my cart for such a long time and I just purchased them!  This blue tank would be super cute with them.

cute summer sporty fashion

Outfit details here.

Alright, now let’s jump into cold weather athleisure. Please note that many of these links are outdated as they are from early 2022. I’ll be sure to update the items below with new picks as we get closer to fall!

Cold Weather Athleisure


Joggers are one of my favorite staples for an athleisure outfit. However, since I’m 5″1, I had to try lots of different brands before finding a pair that I really loved. These Vuori performance joggers are perfect on me. They’re baggy enough to look athletic, while still not swallowing me. In addition, I recommend getting a black pair, since the grey can look a lot like pajamas.

This is a really old photo, but you can see how I’ve paired the joggers with a denim jacket, making this outfit look more like “real” clothes instead of sweats. I can easily take the jacket off for a super cozy outfit, and then put it back on when I’m going out.

Athleisure Outfits

Outfit linked here

I’ve also included a few collages of outfits that include joggers for some inspiration! Hopefully, you can find a few items in your closet to help create these looks.

Cute Athleisure Outfit Ideas

Jacket | Sweater | Joggers | Shoes | Similar Earrings

cold weather sporty outfit

Jacket | Top | Joggers | Watch | Shoes

Cute Athleisure Outfit Ideas

Hoodie | Similar sweater | Joggers | Shoes

Spanx Leggings 

A few years ago, these SPANX faux leather leggings took the world by STORM. I’m still wearing mine and I really love them. I pair them with a sweatshirt or top that isn’t too long. Since I’m a petite 5″1, I try to wear tops that are cropped or at least not super long, since they tend to make me look shorter. These are a great athleisure piece for your closet since they are comfortable like most leggings are (although, they’re a little stiffer than Lululemon align leggings since they have a coating!) but the sheen makes them easy to dress up. I wear the Petite length in a size Small.

SPANX faux leather leggings outfits

Outfit links here

Once you’ve run your errands, slip on a pair of your favorite slippers or house shoes, and you’re cozy for the rest of the day. This shirt is from Lake Pajamas, and while it’s technically loungewear, the color and cut is be cute tucked into jeans in the front.

How to wear SPANX faux leather leggings

Outfit links here

And here’s a similar look. To make this feel more pulled together if I was leaving the house (it was snowing this day so I didn’t plan to;)), I’d pull on a pair of sneakers and a cute backpack purse.

How to wear SPANX faux leather leggings

Outfit links here

I’ve included a few collages below as well that include SPANX leggings to give you a feel for how to style them. In fact, you can probably find something similar in your closet. So I thought these would give some inspiration.

Cute Athleisure Outfit Ideas

Patagonia pullover | Spanx Leggings | Similar Watch | Shoes

Athleisure for cold weather

Similar jacket | Top | Leggings | Similar watch | Shoes

spanx leggings outfit idea

Pullover | Leggings | Shoes | Similar Earrings

Cozy layering piece

Another piece I think is essential is a cute top or something to layer with. I always feel more pulled together when my top is structured or has some visual interest. I also typically go for a thick sweatshirt that has some structure or a vest. Both are cozy and comfortable, but they’re appropriate for leaving the house too.

This funnelneck top is by Madewell and I’ve worn it ALL winter. This color is almost sold out, but there are 4 other great options. The high neck gives this outfit some structure and visual interest, versus an oversized crewneck sweatshirt that can look a little sloppy.

Cozy layering piece

Outfit linked here

A vest also adds interest to an outfit and makes it feel more “put together”. This shearling vest is from H&M and is currently on sale for $15.

shearling vest

Outfit linked here

Here are a few more cute athleisure outfit ideas!

Adizero Boston 8

Similar sweater | Leggings | Shoes

Lululemon Align Pant

Similar sweater | Leggings | Shoes | Earrings

Cute sneakers

One last item to create a cute athleisure look is a cute pair of sneakers. I’ve searched high and low and have two favorites that are cute with both leggings and jeans. I wear them year round, but I especially appreciate how easy it is to pair them with a more casual athleisure outfit. I prefer something cute like this instead of running shoes, since I try not to wear my running shoes for anything other than running to make them last longer.

My all time favorites are these leather Veja Campo sneakers. They’re classic, not too busy, flat (which makes them super casual) and not bulky at all. They only come in full sizes, so if you’re a half size, go up. I typically wear a 6.5, so I get a 7 in these.

Veja Campo sneakers

Outfit links here

You can see how I’m styling the Veja sneakers below. I love how seamlessly their pair with leggings.

Veja sneakers athleisure look

Outfit links here

While I wouldn’t call the outfit below athleisure since it includes jeans, I love how these sneakers can be paired with practically anything.

Veja sneakers with jeans

Outfit links here

The second pair of sneakers I love this year are by Madewell. These trainers are slightly bulkier, which looks great with jeans and leggings, but I would say they look more athletic than Vejas. They’re also leather, which is great for colder months, and I love the neutral tones. See how I’ve styled them below.

Madewell trainers

Outfit linked here

Madewell trainers review

Outfit linked here

Madewell trainers athleisure look

Outfit linked here

Cute Athleisure Outfit Ideas

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