Celebrity Lash Secrets for Helping Your Extensions Last Longer

Celebrity Lash Secrets for Helping Your Extensions Last Longer


It’s not every day you get the opportunity to chat with a key member of a celebrity glam squad, so when you get that chance, you listen very closely. For someone who has worn lash extensions for almost a full decade, I found that I learned more from one session with Celebrity Lash Expert Clementina Richardson, founder of Envious Lashes in Miami and NYC, then I ever had in all my years of wearing and refilling them in various places.

Clementina is most famously known for perfecting the lashes of Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Grey and other A-listers, and is also responsible for the most beautiful set of lashes I’ve ever worn. Not only did she give me the best looking extensions I’ve ever worn, she also shared these amazing tips for making them last longer than I ever thought possible.

“My lashes lasted for weeks and always looked full, fluffy and healthy.”

The One Thing Everyone Gets Wrong

“Excessively shampooing or cleaning your extensions every day is for sure not necessary.
I would also add next is applying mascara, which you should avoid and should not be needed at all if applied by a professional.”

Use This Type of Makeup Remover

“It should be a gentle, oil free makeup remover. Anything oil based will break down the bond and cause lashes to shed prematurely. Our Envious Lashes Oil Free Makeup Remover ($12) is a great option.”

Never Do This

“You should not use anything that’s oil based to clean your lashes. Even oil-based cleansers will do damage. Look for gentle, oil-free options.”

Avoid Postponing Refills

“Refills are 100 percent necessary to maintain the health and integrity of your natural lash. During a refill, all overgrown lashes should be peeled off and replaced. During the lash growth cycle, the lash grows away from the base of the lash line. When extensions are at the base the natural lash can provide support, however, as the weeks go on the extension grows away from the lash line and this is when the twisting and turning occurs which results in the natural lash being forcefully pulled out by the weight of the extension.”

Always Use a Lash Growth Serum

“With my years of experience, I think indeed it is necessary to use a lash enhancing serum while wearing your extensions we have developed a botanical and peptide based Lash Conditioning Serum ($45) which our clients love and use in between visits. I found that most lash serums on the market may grow your lashes very quickly, but they don’t make them dense. Stay away from ones that make your lashes grow super-fast and spidery, as you would need to get your lashes refilled weekly.”

The One Thing Everyone Should Do

“You can apply a protective coating like ours daily. Avoid washing your lashes for the first 48 hours. Absolutely no rubbing of the eyes this causes breakage. Use a conditioning lash serum to the strengthen your natural they are more likely the hold much better. Basically, the better your foundation, the better it holds your extension.”

How Makeup and Skin Care Affect Your Lashes

“Anything that requires constantly fussing with the eyelashes or around the eyes will contribute to shedding. Clients that wear excessive makeup, or do not know how to clean their makeup off properly can cause their lashes to fall off while cleansing. Many times, clients come with excessive makeup caked within the lashes at the base.

Just like your skincare routine, try to be ask gentle as possible with your lashes. Sleep on a silk pillowcase and try to avoid sleeping face down will also help with longevity. Lash Extensions are an investment and if taken care of, they will continue to look fabulous!”