Bobbi Brown’s Top 4 Makeup Tips For Women Over 50



According to iconic makeup artist Bobbi Brown, the secret to youthful-looking, mature skin is simple—and she’s narrowed it down to four key steps.

“Number-one: Always moisturize. And make sure whatever foundation you use is a moisturizing foundation,” Brown shared on a recent Instagram video, suggesting her hybrid moisturizer-foundation Jones Road Beauty What the Foundation ($44) is the perfect pick. “It just makes you look fresher.”

Tip two: Reduce redness, to which Brown showed the clear-base The Face Pencil ($25) in action, instantly spot-correcting as she applied it. “You don’t need it all-over your face—just where you need it. Get rid of redness and you’ll notice a big difference in your skin.”

Tip three: Get a glow with Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm ($38), and antioxidant-packed “no-makeup makeup” product. “It’s great because you can add a little color, add a little luminosity. It’s so easy. You just add a little bit.”

And, lastly, enhancing natural beauty is, above all, essential, Brown stresses. “Don’t try to hide and don’t try to cover up anything. Let your best self shine.”