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Beautycounter’s sunscreen has a cult next. I have attempted ALL of it – mist, lotion, stick and the tinted and confront variations – and am sharing my genuine critique.

I am passionate about sunscreen. I have 3 mates who were identified with melanoma in their late 20’s. And following that, I started off currently being extra regular with wearing sunscreen each individual single working day. I shared under the varieties of sunscreen I choose for every day put on and the varieties I like for managing or mountaineering and the pool. I also shared which type is least difficult with a toddler.

Let us jump in!

Beautycounter Sunscreen Review

Beautycounter Sunscreen Assessment

At a quick glance, in this article are the ideal factors about the Beautycounter sunscreen:

What’s the difference among mineral and chemical sunscreen?

The sunscreens that you grew up applying were being most likely chemical sunscreens. These are created with synthetic chemicals and in get defend you towards the sun, your pores and skin has to absorb them and then these particles block the UV rays from burning you. Chemical sunscreens normally comprise substances like:

  • oxybenzone
  • octocrylene
  • ecamsule
  • avobenzone,

All of people have likely dangerous side outcomes when absorbed into your bloodstream these as hormone disruption and skin reactions. Chemical sunscreens can also worsen melasma and rosacea. (Supply)

Mineral sunscreen, on the other hand, employs zinc and shields your pores and skin is by sitting down directly on top rated of your skin (NOT absorbing into your pores and skin) and reflecting the sun’s UV rays absent from your system. And zinc has has less security concerns.

A take note on SPF numbers: If you are within most of the working day with just quick stints in the sun, you can don a sunscreen or beauty solution with an SPF 15 or bigger. Nevertheless, if you devote a good deal of time outdoor, primarily when and where by the solar is strongest (concerning 11am – 3pm), you require an SPF 30 or higher and one particular which is h2o- and sweat-resistant. (Resource:

Components in Beautycounter Countersun sunscreen

Non nano Zinc

Non-nano suggests the particles are not little sufficient to penetrate your skin, so the sunscreen will genuinely just sit on best. Zinc is the active component within the Beautycounter sunscreen that shields your skin from the solar.

California Poppy

California poppy is antioxidant-wealthy and aids enhance the skin’s defense versus oxidation, which leads to wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Varieties of Beautycounter Sunscreens 

All of the Beautycounter Sunscreens are 30 SPF until I noted if not.

Sunscreen Mist 

The Countersun mist is in all probability my favorite sort of the Beautycounter sunscreen since it is so easy to utilize. Like I outlined previously, mineral sunscreen is productive mainly because it sits on best of your skin, so you do have to make confident you get the SPF evenly used all in excess of your physique. And, you have to have to make certain to shake it effectively just before making use of. But I think the mist is the simplest and quickest type of sunscreen to use.

Very best for toddlers: It is also straightforward to spray on toddlers and rubs in far more conveniently than the lotion. And with a squirmy bottle, that is handy! From time to time I spray it straight onto him, but most moments I spray it into my hand and them rub it on to his arms, legs and neck. (I use the stick for his face… far more on that down below.)

The mist will come in the two a 6oz. and a travel sizing. I implement this right before each individual run and give it time to soak up though I’m performing my pre-run heat-up.

Beautycounter Countersun review

Beautycounter Sunscreen Mist

Tinted Sunscreen Mist

The tinted sunscreen helps make pores and skin look FLAWLESS – like airbrushed with a fantastic tan which is not orange, but regretably I do not enjoy it. It would make a mess and will get all in excess of garments and swimsuits. So this is a pass for me!

Sunscreen Lotion

The Countersun Lotion is my next favourite kind of Beautycounter sunshine, after the mist. My spouse and I both of those preserve the lotion in our golf luggage given that we really don’t like the mist drifting on to our clubs (or my cute golfing apparel 😉 ).

Countersun Lotion review

Which variation I use — lotion vs. mist – is dependent on my situation. If I remember to use sunscreen before putting on my bathing match, I use lotion rather than spraying a mist within. On the other hand, the mist is good when I’m outdoors prepping for a operate or although hiking or reapplying at the pool.

The lotion also arrives in two measurements: 6.7oz and 3.4oz. I maintain the very little a person in our stroller, all over again so I don’t get mist all over his stroller if I’m making use of whilst on the go.

best summer sunscreen 2021

Sunscreen Stick

The sunscreen adhere is SO quick to use and I weirdly appreciate implementing it, ha! I like this for my encounter just before runs when I’m not carrying any make-up, and this is BY Considerably the simplest variation to use to Thomas’ facial area. It is quick to throw into your pool bag or purse so that you have it when you need to reapply! I also retain this in our walking stroller and functioning stroller.

Beautycounter Sunscreen Review

sunscreen stick US | Beautycounter Sunscreen Review

Each day Sheer Encounter Sunscreen

I have a different write-up on the Every day Sheer SPF due to the fact I really like it SO a lot. (Read that listed here.) It’s a each day facial area sunscreen that is built to put on less than makeup. It’s so easy, light-weight and does not leave a white forged. It contains SPF 25.

A take note on deal with sunscreen: I Enjoy skincare and I devote great cash on substantial-excellent goods. Why would I toss my income absent on skincare and not wear the most vital point for preventing symptoms of ageing, i.e. SUNSCREEN. If you never have on sunscreen on your encounter, obtain this and get started now.

Daily Sheer Face Sunscreen Countersun Daily Sheer Face

Dew Pores and skin Tinted Moisturizer 

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer was my gateway product to Beautycounter. It is simple to utilize, evens out pores and skin and never appears to be hefty. It consists of SPF 20 so it is a wonderful two in a person product.

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer 

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer tube

How to Use Beautycounter Sunscreen

Shake just before making use of

This is specifically crucial with the mist! Shaking it ensures none of the substances have divided and will safeguard sufficiently. It also assists the spray will come out far more evenly.

Implement liberally

To get the full security out of your sunscreen, utilize a single ounce — about a shot glass entire — to your overall entire body. Most men and women utilize considerably less than half of that quantity!

Apply 15 minutes right before going outside

This is a best exercise for all sorts of sunscreen. That makes it possible for adequate time for the sunscreen to bind to your pores and skin for whole protection.


It’s most effective to reapply every single 2 hours or instantly after swimming or perspiring.

How to Use Beautycounter Sunscreen | Beautycounter Sunscreen Review

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