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This multipurpose solution hydrates your pores and skin, helps avoid indicators of getting older and sanitizes your arms without leaving them sticky or dry. I was skeptical, but now I’m hooked.

In the earlier 12 months, we have all employed our good share of hand sanitizer! And, I didn’t know that I could essentially appreciate applying a hand sanitizer… until eventually now. When I often like washing with cleaning soap and h2o, there are situations the place its just extra convenient and much easier to use a hand sanitizer. (I’m primarily grossed out by fuel pumps and often have been.) So now, I’m sharing the hand sanitizer I Love. It is a pricier than any other hand sanitizer I have ever procured, but I like it sufficient that I bought it a number of moments given that it is that good. And it’s definitely more of a hand cure to enable reduce symptoms of getting older that also sanitizes your palms, so it’s a 2-for-1 products!

If you have a fantastic skincare regime, use a gentle peel to support stop symptoms of getting older, use vitamin C to brighten it, use a hydrating balm to moisturize, wear sunscreen to prevent harm and apply make-up to pull oneself jointly, you should really also acquire care of your palms! They’re a single of the 1st destinations to show indications of getting old as they acquire solar spots, get rid of elasticity and get dry. That’s exactly where the Hand Savior comes in.

Ok, let us dive in.

Beautycounter Hand Savior Review Beautycounter Hand Savior Review

Beautycounter Hand Savior Assessment

Initial, let us talk about the hand sanitizing facet and what tends to make a hand sanitizer truly successful and what components we should appear for (or steer clear of).

The Centers for Condition Command and Avoidance states, “To be productive towards killing some styles of germs, hand sanitizers want to have a strength of at least 60% liquor and be utilized when arms are not visibly soiled or greasy. Do not count on “Do It Yourself” or “DIY” recipes dependent solely on essential oils or formulated without the need of correct compounding methods.”

The most significant portion of an powerful hand sanitizer is liquor concentration.

So, sad to say, a good deal of the purely natural hand sanitizers on the marketplace are not truly helpful. Whilst they may not be damaging, they commonly aren’t accomplishing a lot very good. And the other hand (pun meant), some hand sanitizers are amazingly drying and severe and can go away your palms wanting and feeling rough.

And although I do my incredibly ideal to use skincare and makeup solutions that are protected (particularly when I was pregnant), I didn’t have a hand sanitizer I actually felt great working with. I use a safe and sound cleansing alternative for my kitchen and have made use of harmless skincare and makeup for a long time, and just lately switched out my hand sanitizer. And a very good way to prioritize the goods that you change to safer possibilities are types that you use day by day!

Components to avoid in hand sanitizer

The Wrong Alcoholic beverages

Just one of the biggest problems with hand sanitizers in stores currently is that they only say “alcohol” on their label. They really do not convey to you the style of liquor they use and THAT is what we have to have to know.

Methyl Alcohol

Methyl alcohol is sometimes referred to as wood alcoholic beverages or methanol. It’s made use of in points like rocket gas and antifreeze, which is Remarkably toxic and can induce key issues like nausea, blindness and even seizures.

1-propyl liquor or 1-propanol

This is a major component in industrial cleaners and is toxic to humans. It can lead to points like skin irritation and even result in complications with respiratory.


Triclosan is a chemical that has the attributes of bacterial but it is a damaging endocrine disrupter and can also irate your pores and skin. The Food and drug administration banned this but nonetheless double look at what you are utilizing!!


Fragrance is the magnificence industries secret for placing regardless of what they want within their goods. The ingredient “fragrance” is considered a trade mystery and there could be everything in it. If you stay away from just 1 thing in your personal treatment solutions, avoid Fragrance. See other elements to be wary of listed here.

Beautycounter Hand Sanitizer review

What tends to make Beautycounter Hand Savior unique

Alright, now let us discuss about how Beautycounter’s Hand Savior Boosting Serum + Sanitizer is distinct. It is a secure and efficient hand sanitizer that also contains components to hydrate your fingers and make them softer. Furthermore it is not sticky like some hand sanitizers are and it smells Awesome. I essentially delight in making use of it, maybe even far more than lotion considering the fact that it absorbs so swiftly.


60% organic and natural sugar derived liquor

This kind of alcoholic beverages sanitizes without the need of the possible unsafe side outcomes of other forms.

Hyaluronic acid

This aids hydrates your pores and skin by assisting it keep dampness. It is just one of the vital ingredients in my favourite foundation way too!


Niacinamide is an anti-inflammatory component that can help brighten skin and minimize great traces.

Beautycounter Hand Treatment

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Strategies for applying hand sanitizer

Make sure your hands search thoroughly clean just before applying it

They must be totally free of dust, grease, and many others.! Hand sanitizer will help kill germs but it does not cleanse skin and it will a lot more efficiently destroy germs if your arms aren’t have gunk on them. Might audio evident but a great reminder! If you need to have to wipe them down on the go, keep a pack of these in your automobile or purse and then use the hand sanitizer.

Only use it after right up until it is needed once again

It is so simple to squirt a ton into your hand and preserve repeating it, thinking you are obtaining even cleaner, but getting way too a lot hand sanitizer on your hands can depart a film that traps pathogens.

“Hand sanitizers make a film on your palms,” Dr. McWilliams points out. “After you have utilized it quite a few times, the film receives thick adequate to trap germs inside of, relatively than get rid of them. When your palms really feel coated or like there’s a residue, it’s time to wash off that film and commence more than.” (Resource)

Use soap and water as a substitute if feasible

It’s aways superior to wash your hands with cleaning soap and h2o if you have that solution. Killing germs is unique than eliminating them. Washing your arms with cleaning soap and drinking water breaks down the germs membranes and then washes them off your pores and skin. Working with hand sanitizer is a good selection to destroy germs, but if you have a sink close by, use that in its place.

I use this hand cleaning soap from Beautycounter and Really like IT.

Get Beautycounter’s Hand Savior here. It also tends to make a great gift for the mothers in your lifestyle!

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