Ankita Konwar performs Merudandasana, Anantasana for ‘strength and flexibility’ know the added benefits




Ankita Konwar can be your go-to man or woman for a regular dose of conditioning inspiration. The 30-year-old’s social media feed is all about glimpses of her workout routines where she can be found carrying out different demanding and valuable yoga asanas. So it was not shocking that Ankita the moment again took to Instagram to share two poses that she does for “strength and flexibility”.

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“In movement there’s balance, and in equilibrium there is motion. Merudandasana and Anantasana are two excellent asanas to equilibrium your strength and adaptability,” she wrote, sharing images of herself executing these asanas.

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Merudandasana, also recognized as balancing bear pose, is a hugely useful yoga asana that stretches the hips and hamstrings. “This seated equilibrium pose is superb for the backbone, in standard, and the reduced back in individual. This pose is also good for opening the hips, and also increases lessen-entire body flexibility,” Dr Rajeev Rajesh, Main Yoga Officer, Jindal Naturecure Institute reported.

How to execute?

*Extend your legs out to the sides as you sit. Attempt to balance your human body as you bit by bit lean backward.
*When exhaling, carry your legs upward and keep a straight backbone posture.
*Hold the toes even though boosting your arms. Extend the legs as wide as you can while undertaking this.
*Maintain this situation for 15 to 20 minutes whilst getting tranquil, deep breaths.
*Release the grip and lower your arms and legs slowly.


*This pose stretches the legs, adductors, and glutes, it is fantastic for the hips and hamstrings. Carrying out this pose allows to lengthen the thigh muscles and aids in opening the hips.
*While executing this asana, the lower back muscles are engaged and the hips stabilised, which strengthens the reduced back.
*Decrease back again muscular tissues grow to be more powerful with regular exercise.
*It also helps in stretching the torso and spine, although realigning it.
*It allows in building the abdominal muscle mass and tones the belly, focusing on the liver. It also aids in dealing with constipation.
*The Balancing Bear Pose enhances overall flexibility, consideration, and harmony in the body.


Anantasana, or Sleeping Vishnu Pose, is “one of the finest asanas to accomplish if you facial area any bodily or mental concerns. It mostly targets the hips, groin muscle groups, ankles, and quads but also assists in retaining psychological wellbeing,” according to Dr Rajesh.

How to perform?

*Lay on your again to start.
*Access the back again of your mat with your suitable arm prolonged. Shift your pounds to your ideal side. Your higher arm will assistance your head.
*Lift your head although bending your appropriate arm. Convey your ideal hand to the side of your head in which it is most at ease, and help it there.
*Adapt both feet. All through this stance, retain them flexed.
*Try to preserve a straight line from elbow to heels with your full system. Avoid leaning to the remaining or ideal.
*With your remaining hand in the yogi toe lock posture, bend your still left knee. (This could be wherever issues begin to go certainly awry.)
*As much as you can, extend your still left leg straight toward the ceiling.
*By firmly planting your higher arm and thigh bone into the ground for guidance, you may perhaps stay balanced on your aspect without rolling.
*Roll to your again after releasing your toe. Laying on your left aspect, repeat the position.


*Anantasana can help in shedding fats in the hips, arms, and thighs.
*It allows in stretching just about the entire system including groin muscle groups, legs, thighs, shoulders, pelvic flooring muscle mass, biceps and triceps.
*It also allows in calming the thoughts and decreasing anxiousness, melancholy and mental strain.
*Individuals suffering from again-related issues can benefits a lot.
*It can also give reduction from menstrual or menopausal signs.
*Furthermore, it boosts the function of inside organs like the uterus, liver, kidney, tummy, and coronary heart.
*The Sacral (Swadisthana) Chakra, which aids in lessening psychological tension, is activated in this pose.
*It maintains a wholesome digestive technique. This asana is advantageous for other belly issues like constipation, indigestion, diarrhoea, belly cramps, and many others. It helps us get rid of the fuel the belly creates.
*Anantasana also aids in the treatment of conditions impacting the uterus, bladder, ovaries, and prostate.

The expert recommended in opposition to executing this pose “if you have neck, shoulder or back again pain”.

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