18 Y2K-Inspired Shoes to Wear in 2022: Flatforms, Platforms & More




It’s hard to miss the resurgence of Y2K-inspired shoes right now. A scroll through TikTok or Instagram will probably reveal a number of throwback fashion trends, but it’s the jelly shoes, flatform thong sandals, and towering platforms that girlies are gravitating to en masse. It makes sense: Many of these retro shoe silhouettes are easy to wear and style in the summer heat, and some even provide a welcome height boost. (Who’s mad about that?) 

No matter how you feel about the Y2K look orbiting your FYP, it’s also nearly impossible to browse a retailer’s shoe section without spotting at least one of these nostalgic designs. Some of us were too young back in the day to bring the energy in platform heels, while others may have had a sandal collection that look just like today’s most popular summer shoes. Either way, at least one of these throwback styles deserves a spot in your closet today.

Whether you’re on the hunt for thong sandals to wear to the beach or want to serve in sky-high heels, there are plenty of Y2K-inspired shoes out there that’ll vibe with your current aesthetic. Shop a few favorites below.

Best Y2K Flatforms

Channel the iconic Lizzie McGuire with a pair of platform flip-flops or raised slides that are all your own. These Y2K-inspired sandals have a more casual, everyday feel to them and can work around plenty of outfit combos in your wardrobe. Pair them with denim skirts, a slip dress, or dare we say…low-rise jeans? If you want comfort with a hint of edge, these deliver. 

Best Y2K Platform Sandals

Want to make a statement? Add some of these platform sandals to your shopping cart immediately. You’ll find bold colors, unique finishes, and of course, some pretty wild heights when sifting through these. The majority of the styles are open-toed mules, but if you need extra security for peace of mind, that’s ankle-strap heels and wedges come in. These shoes are anything but simple, and that’s exactly why we love ’em. 

Best Y2K Platform Boots

We know, we know, it might not be boots season quite yet, but it’s never too early to start planning your fall purchases. (Hey, you may even snag these on sale this summer!) Again, heel height is a major factor with most of these Y2K boots, thanks to platforms and platforms underneath. But, if you’re one to reach for lower heels, we found combat boots and ankle boots that still channel the Y2K trend. 


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