17 Best Luxury Perfume Brands




As both a Taurus sun and a Taurus moon, you could say that I am enthralled by anything opulent. It’s practically in my DNA! I’m also a major fragrance person, so luxury perfume is kind of my bread and butter. There’s just something about really, really good perfume. It has the ability to smell good on everyone (not an easy feat), transport your senses to a faraway land, and even tie together any outfit, elevating something simple to something luxe. 

There are tons of luxury perfumes out there, but they are decidedly not all created equal. Below, I’ve rounded up the essential brands for any perfume lover, along with one of their signature scents. There’s just something about these brands that makes them beyond special. Plus, many celebrities have used these fragrances themselves—I mean, who wouldn’t want to smell like Grace Kelly or Rihanna?


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