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To put it in TikTok terms: the girls that get it, get it, and the girls that don’t, don’t. But(t) that doesn’t really give our brief and boyshort-wearing sisters enough credit, IMO. I believe in thongs for all. That’s right, thongs for the people. Justice for thongs! Cue Oprah, “You get a thong, you get a thong, you get a thong!” Okay, you get the idea.

There are people who do like thongs and people who don’t. For those that do, wearing any other style of women’s underwear is almost unimaginable. Why mess with a good thong thing? A thong is comfortable, sexy, and never causes pesky panty lines. It can’t ride up if it’s already all the way up, and that’s just a fact. All that is to say, I believe people who don’t like thongs really just think they don’t like them. In actuality, you probably just haven’t tried the right one—and if you’re looking for the best women’s thongs, we’ve got you covered (well, to some extent). Below, find 15 top-tier thongs that put your butt front and center, as it should be.

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Best Seamless Thong

Women’s Seamless Thong

  • No-show
  • Philanthropic brand
  • Solid range of nude tones

Customer review: “A game changer. Soft, doesn’t bind, invisible seams—everything you want in a comfortable thong.”

When wearing the ideal thong, it should feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. That’s exactly the effect Bombas nailed with this breathable, lightweight style.

Best G-String Thong


  • Durable
  • Neutral colorways

Customer review: “This is the most comfortable g-string that I have ever worn! It also holds up well in the wash (I use a delicates bag and then line dry all of my thongs to keep them in good condition). I haven’t had any issues with the fabric stretching or wearing out.”

While some are intimidated by a g-string, the style really does offer maximum barely-there effect (probably because they are, in fact, barely there.) Cosabella’s is a tried-and-true option that will not fail.

Best Patterned Thong

The Thong Modal

  • Customer favorite
  • Soft & comfortable

Customer review: “Literally the best underwear. So smooth and the cut is actually made for human bodies 🙌🏼.”

Digging in? That’s the kiss of death for thongs—I simply won’t stand for it. You won’t find that issue at all with Cuup’s bestselling style, which comes in a variety of patterns and colors.

Best lace thong

Nicolette Thong

  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable

Customer review: “Super comfortable. Love that the straps are adjustable to create the perfect fit!”

For all your boudoir needs, Kat the Label specializes in lacy lingerie of all styles and colors. Even if you’re the only one who sees it, there’s something to be said about wearing pretty panties.

Best Plus-Sized Thong

Black Microfiber 360° Smoothing High Waist Thong Panty

  • Plus-size sizing range
  • Smoothing

Customer review: “I bought this a month ago and I was blown away at how smoothing this is. I love how easy it slides on and the fit is great. I don’t feel like I have a mom belly hanging over. Definitely recommend this! Stick with your normal size and you won’t be disappointed!”

Torrid’s high-waisted thong is a fan favorite for its flattering fit and feminine lace paneling. The brand’s 00–6 size range translates to a standard size range of 10–30.

Best High-Waisted Thong

High-Waist Microfiber Thong

  • Great quality
  • Inclusive sizing

Customer review: “This thong is fantastic! Great quality fabric and a nice high waist. It doesn’t roll or bunch. It’s perfect for high waist jeans and leggings. I loved it so much I bought more in other colors!”

Even a seamless low-rise thong won’t be so seamless under high-waisted bottoms, which is why high-waisted thongs are a must-have. Trust me, there’ll be no more fishing below your waistband to hike up your underwear.

Best Nude Range

6PM Seamless Thong

  • Inclusive range of skin tones
  • Seamless

Customer review: “This is all VERY excellent quality stuff. This thong will MELT into the skin, Hunny!! Tuh! Under WHERE??? ( see what I did there? 😏😂)…Cuz when they say SEAMLESS?! Oh they mean it.”

Gone are the days of accepting a single shade of sandy beige as the universal nude. Nude Barre is catering to the people with a full-spectrum range of skin tones, so you can find your true nude.

Best T-String Thong

Fits Everybody T-String Thong

  • Affordable
  • Inclusive tones & sizing

Customer review: “Simple, clean, barely there, great fabric and colors, so comfortable, and true to size. These are my new everyday undies! Simply perfection.”

We went so far as to put Skims through our very own editor testing, and the brand’s thongs were a universal favorite. Available in a number of neutrals, nudes, neons, and brights—and sizes XXS through 4XL—this really is a thong for everyone and every need.

Best Thong Multi-Pack

Women’s Logo Cotton Thong Multipack Panty

Customer review: “I feel like a plus sized model in these! Get that confidence through the roof!…Wow I feel sexxxyyyy! Effortless sporty sexy that kind perfectly coordinated and comfortable…So comfy to wear under my home loungewear…I feel so good in these I’m strutting my stuff like a plus sized model for you all to see!”

If there’s one waistband that’s acceptable to let peekaboo, it’s the iconic Calvin Klein elastic. And with a broken down value of less than $8 per pair, you can say, “I save in my Calvins.”

Best Shaping Thong

Control Top Thong

Customer review: “I ordered these in nude, size L and am very pleased with my purchase. I am a size 14 and the L fits just right and is shaping but not uncomfortably so. The fact that they do not roll down is fantastic as all other shaping briefs I have tried do. I love how thin these are which keeps them undetectable under clothes. I will be purchasing a second and perhaps even a third pair!”

Perfect for bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, or ultra-tight trousers, a great shaping thong will keep that FUPA in check for you. (No shame here.)

Softest Thong

Eva G-String

Customer review: “I have never owned a more comfortable pair of underwear. They are seriously amazing and I would wear them every day. Very flattering on my curvy body and I feel amazing in them. I want one in every color. Definitely worth the price for an amazingly well-made, special pair of underwear. Compared to other underwear materials, the bamboo is far superior and my body thanks me when I wear them. Love love love !!! Amazing brand.”

Naturally dyed in a plethora of fun colors and made of super soft bamboo, this is one of my personal favorites. As a bonus, they hold up extremely well in the wash.

Best High-Cut Thong

Airbrush Invisible Thong

Customer review: “The fit, cut, and material make these my new fav thongs! They don’t roll or bunch up under my yoga pants!”

Of all the things a thong should do, it should definitely stay in place. Whether you’re wearing it for exercise or just under a pair of jeans, these will stay put all day, and thank goodness for that.

Best Period Thong

Leakproof Thong

  • Absorbent
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Only available in 2 shades
  • Not suitable for every flow

Customer review: “I wear these everyday! I don’t leave my house without them. I’m a 56-year young woman who has terrible bladder leakage. I walk I leak, I laugh I leak, I stand up I leak! It is so frustrating. These leakproof thongs are the real deal! I figured being a thong there is no way. OH YES THERE IS!! Trust me! Proof is the proof that I needed. Just try one pair, I was hooked.”

Whether you’re experimenting with free bleeding, experiencing bladder leaks, or just like a little extra protection, period panties are the answer for you. Compromising the outfit you really want to wear because you think you can’t wear a thong? Not anymore.

Best Mesh Thong

Sexy Silky Mesh G-String Thong

  • Affordable
  • Sexy
  • Inclusive sizing

Customer review: “Have always been skeptical of g-strings since middle school, but I thought, why not live my hot gurl summer dreams now when the world is on fire. Pleasantly surprised that it had sufficient coverage for my juicer-than-average lady parts and sat comfortably between my cheeks.”

Whether you want to feel fierce, flirty, or playful, Parade’s lightweight and breathable mesh thongs are available in a ton of funky patterns and colors. After all, why shouldn’t your underwear drawer be as fun as the rest of your closet?

Best Lingerie

Painterly Floral Thong Panty

Customer review: “These are so pretty and so soft! They’re very cute and look just like the picture.”

Look, let’s be honest: Sometimes it isn’t about function at all—it’s about looking and feeling cute. In this adorable and strappy floral thong, you are the main character.

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