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Here’s a life hack I’ve found out the hard way: Invest in nice hair ties. Not for the novelty, or because they’re beautiful, or better quality. Simply because when I know I have a bunch of so-so rubber bands in a bag, under my bed, in another bag, covered in dust…I will lose them at record speed. After spending a few extra dollars on a top-notch, silk scrunchie, I hoard that baby like it cost millions, simply because I love using it so much and can’t bear to lose it. “Can I borrow a hair tie?” is a request anyone with long hair has heard (or made!) way too many times, and the odds of a good return on that loan are pretty bad. So we compiled the best hair ties available for whatever your hair situation might be. Curly? Flat? About to work out? Here are the 12 hair ties that are so good, you won’t want to give on to your friend or lose them in your purse.

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Best Silk

Large Silk Scrunchies – 3 Piece Set

From the makers of your favorite home goods, Brooklinen’s silk scrunchie pack is as soft and luxurious as its best-selling sheets. The three-piece set is made of 100 percent Mulbury Silk to prevent your hair from breaking or getting tangled.


Best for Thick Hair

Slide-Proof Headbands

  • Great for thick, long hair

The most painful experience is popping your hair tie in the middle of smoothing your hair into a pineapple or an up-do. Goody’s extra long headbands work to secure your ponytail or bun in place for those with thick, curly hair.


Best for Weak Hair

The Silk Scrunchie No. 001 Set

These silk scrunchies are less expensive than others on the market, are durable enough to withstand thick hair and flexible enough for thin hair, and can be easily removed without any broken strands.


Best for Natural Hair

Silk Scrunchie – 2pk

  • Can slip if not secured tight

Whether you’re on a fresh twist-out or two-day-old curls, the Sienna Naturals Silk Scrunchie set sit comfortably in your hair without pulling your hair too tight and doesn’t lose its shape or strength over time.


Best for a Strong Hold

Traceless Spiral Hair Ties

  • Doesn’t leave a dent in hair

For a hair tie with a grip stronger than your patience, Invisibobble has you covered. It doesn’t leave a harsh dent in the hair or give you a crazy headache after a few hours of wear.

If you’re tired of snapping your poor bands in half when tying up a bundle of hair, these babies are strong enough to handle anything you’ve got.


Best for Thin Hair

Elodie Cuff Ponytail Holder

This funky little device is a hair tie/ponytail cuff combo. Sweep your hair into a pony, and clasp this around it for a chic ‘do that only takes two seconds.


Velvet Hair Scrunchie Set

  • Needs multiple loops to hold hair tight

Avoid the kink with velvet and try this throwback scrunchie. The soft velvet won’t leave any dents in your already-weakened hair and your stick-straight ‘do is saved.


Best for Braids/Twists

Elastic Bands Hair Rubber Bands

  • Transparent color makes it easier to conceal

This transparent color hair tie can match a number of different hair colors and styles. Plus, they are super easy to remove without pulling your hair out.


Best for Working Out

Glow On Hair Ties

  • Stretches enough to hold thicker hair types

Leave it to Lululemon to create the perfect hair tie for working out. These hair ties are super stretchy and are reflective, so if you prefer to exercise at night, you can focus on your workout without worry.


Best for Luxury

Chunky Circle Hair Clip

  • Gold finish gives a luxe look
  • Not best for thicker hair

Go for something with a little pizzaz. This metal clip keeps hair secure and the gold takes your look a step further.


Best for Everyday

No Slip Elastic Hair Bands

Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist is a fan of these hair bands, which have a bit of elastic on the interior to grip hair and keep an all-day hold.



What should you look for in a hair tie?

Our hair goes through a lot daily, from excessive pulling into low or high buns to heat styling. When buying hair ties, it’s important to take a close look at the fabric. Hair ties made of satin or silk are great for those with natural hair or thick curly hair, as it reduces the chances of tugging, breakage, or tension. If a great stretch is what you want, look for hair ties made of elastic. Elastic hair ties can secure your hair in place, perfect for workout fanatics and ponytail obsessives a la Ariana Grande.

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