12 Expert-Approved Ways to Soothe A Sunburn Naturally




Get Crafty With Oatmeal 

Colloidal water—which is made when soaking colloidal oatmeal in water then bathing in the murky water—is beneficial for healing, de Sousa explains. Another way to reap the benefits: grinding a cup of colloidal oatmeal and adding it to your cold bath.

“Oatmeal paste is easy to make and is a common household staple,” says Aguilar. To make a paste, blend dry oats in a blender and then add water or chamomile tea. “Once blended, the paste can be placed in the refrigerator and applied as a mask two or three times per day.”

According to Aguilar, oatmeal is beneficial to sunburns because it is rich in beta gluten. “Beta-glucans provide the skin with deep hydration, bacteria-fighting properties and the most magical process of recruiting immune cells to repair, soothe and protect our skin’s barrier.” 


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