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Best Pimple-Free Patches For A Spotless Face Skin!

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Acne patches are the best skin product for those of you picking at and popping your breakouts for hours on end.

I’ve been using acne patches for the last four years, and here’s what I can say right off the bat: when chosen well, acne patches will save your skin, confidence, time, and money.

In this article, I’ll share my research and curated list of acne patches, all reviewed by dermatologists.

Without further delay, these are the best 11 acne patches for perfect skin in 2023.


Best Hydrocolloid Acne Patches

Hydrocolloid Ane Patches

Hydrocolloid acne patches are a low-risk and very cost-effective way to spot-treat small, inflamed acne bumps or early inflamed cysts.

Most hydrocolloid patches are designed to create a seal that traps moisture and speeds up wound healing.

Hydrocolloids have been used since the 1970s to treat slow-healing wounds, but it wasn’t until the early 2010s that they also became a popular fix for acne.

Most hydrocolloid acne patches contain extra acne-fighting ingredients formulated to help treat all kinds of pimples.

Dermatologist Review

According to Dr. Kaitlyn Rose, COSRX hydrocolloid bandages can help speed the healing of blemishes by absorbing pus and oil from the inflamed spot while simultaneously maintaining moisture.

In addition, the COSRX hydrocolloid Pimple Patches help reduce inflammation, protect the area from contamination by microorganisms and minimize scar formation.

Not to mention that they prevent you from picking or popping!

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches

from $7

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Best Bandaid Acne Patches

Bandaid Acne Patches

Cheaper and safer alternatives to hydrocolloid acne patches, acne Band-Aids are very efficient at removing oil and dead bacteria from your pimples.

Band-Aid acne patches are very suitable as a protective barrier and overnight treatment.

Used to extract oil and bacteria, Band-Aids are cheaper and safer than expensive hydrocolloid acne patches.

Beneficial in the long run – to your face and wallet – hydrocolloid bandaids are found in the first aid aisle at most grocery stores.

Instead of buying a sheet of expensive branded pimple patches, buy a pack of hydrocolloid Band-Aid and cut your patches to the size you need.

Dermatologist Review

According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Band-Aid acne patches help treat red, angry pimples.

The hydrocolloid forms a protective seal over the skin to protect it from the environment and absorb excess fluid that drains from the wound.

While the dressing has no active ingredient, it helps pull out pus and inflammation from the pimples themselves.

Band-Aid Ourtone Adhesive Bandages

Band-Aid Ourtone Adhesive Bandages

from $8.90

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Band-Aid All Purpose Hydro Seal Patches

Band-Aid All Purpose Hydro Seal Patches

from $7.60

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Best Cystic Acne Patches

Cystic Acne Patches

Cystic acne patches are ideal for large cysts right after it forms, given their unique property of drawing fluids and reducing the swelling of the cyst faster than most acne patches.

Given their unique property of drawing fluids and reducing the swelling of the cyst faster than most acne patches, cystic acne patches are, as the name suggests, ideal for large cysts.

Some of the best cystic acne patches in 2023 are made out of a particular category of hydrocolloid material that’s extra absorbent to help flatten the cyst.

In addition, some cystic acne patches are infused with known antibacterial ingredients such as salicylic acid and tea tree oil to treat the pimple while concealing it.

Dermatologist Review

According to Dr. Rachel Nazarian, Peace Out acne patches reduce zits overnight in a protective rather than abrasive way.

The acne patches are super helpful if you deal with the occasional stubborn breakout.

Peace Out Salicylic Acid Acne Healing Dots

Peace Out Hydrocolloid + Salicylic Acid Acne Healing Dots

from $19

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Best Large Acne Patches

Large Acne Patches

Large acne patches and jumbo-size hydrocolloid acne strips are great for covering large skin surfaces for multiple spot control at once.

Just make sure you use them at night for aesthetic reasons.

Sometimes, an ordinary acne patch, a mini hydrocolloid sticker, or an invisible patch just won’t cut it.

If you’re going through one of those days, or suffer from an acne flare, know there are jumbo-size hydrocolloid acne strips out there.

Designed to cover extra large acne breakout areas and flatten lots of pimple clusters in one go, below are the best large acne strips you can order right now.

Speaking of large acne, alcohol consumption is known to aggravate acne flares and headaches – for the latter, these hangover patches are excellent.

Dermatologist Review

According to Dr. Lavanya Krishnan, Might Patch acne patches are best for treating superficial kinds of acne, like pus-filled bumps, blackheads, and whiteheads.

However, for more severe types of acne such as cystic acne, it is recommended to use a stronger acne patch or other alternative treatments.”

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Hydrocolloid Acne Patch

Hero Cosmetics XL Mighty Hydrocolloid Acne Patch

from $12.99

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Mighty Patch Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patch

Mighty Patch Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patch

from $12.99

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Mighty Patch Invisible+ 39 ct. Acne Patches

Mighty Patch Invisible+ 39 ct. Acne Patches

from $18.99

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Best Microneedling Acne Patches

Microneedling Acne Patch

Microneedle acne patches are not transparent, so any ‘under-treatment’ pimples would be visible, at least for a while.

However, the microneedles technology penetrates the deeper layers of skin to work at the core of the issues, which most acne patches can’t.

Microneedle acne patches aren’t as scary as the name sounds.

Similar to hydrocolloid pimple patches, micro-needling patches are painless and suitable for all skin textures.

Microneedle acne patches contain dissolving microneedles — super fine, tiny needles — on one side of the sheet.

They are used to treat specific types of acne, such as cystic or nodular acne.

Dermatologist Review

According to Dr. Lily Talakoub, the Miss Spa’s acne patches have microneedles, which gently penetrate bumps with complexion-clearing salicylic acid.

The acne patches also contain hyaluronic acid, which is my favorite hydrating humectant.

Banish Blemish Microneedle Acne Patches

Banish Blemish Microneedle Acne Patches

from $8

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Best Acne Scar Patches

Acne Scar Patches

Best acne scar patches are infused with tea tree oil, a natural ingredient known for calming and anti-inflammatory powers, ideal for protecting from follow-up bacterial infections and irritations.

Acne scars and dark spot patches are caused by skin damage and the hyperpigmentation of pimple-prone complexions face.

Acne scar patches and dark spot treatments work by replacing all-over brightening serums and hyaluronic acid.

Applied as tiny darts for targeted treatments (no, they don’t hurt), acne scar patches are filled with skin repair and brightening ingredients you can leave behind.

Dermatologist Review

According to Dr. Jeffrey T.S. Hsu, you can’t expect this patch to magically clear 100 percent of your pimple, however, you will see an improvement in redness, inflammation, and overall shrinkage with one patch.

Dr Jart FOCUSPOT™ Dark Spot Micro TIP™ Patch

Dr Jart FOCUSPOT™ Dark Spot Micro TIP™ Patch

from $18

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Dr Jart Focuspot Blemish Micro Tip Patches

Dr Jart FOCUSPOT™ Blemish Micro TIP™ Patches

from $18

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Best Cute Acne Patches

Cute Acne Patches star acne pathces

Some of the best cute acne patches out there are begging to be seen and bring positivity to your daily acne routine — from star shapes to Hello Kitty’s kawaii face and more.

In an age where skin positivity is a much better look than acne shaming, pimples don’t have the same power over us that they used to.

So far, I have managed to have my skin under control, yet, there are days I have a chronic flare of chin acne.

However, I won’t let a breakout of surface pimples or even more stubborn pimples stop me from living my best life.

On the contrary, I embrace acne patches that make my pimples look cute while zapping the life out of those suckers.

Dermatologist Review

According to Caroline Hirons, Starface acne patches help younger people embrace blemishes with their fun design rather than hide them; and the good news is that they really work!

Starface Rainbow Hydro Starts Acne Patches

Starface Rainbow Hydro Stars Acne Patches

from $10.99

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Best Acne Overnight Patches

Acne Overnight Patches

Designed to be used overnight – for at least six hours – nighttime acne patches will deliver a significant reduction in inflammation and accelerate the healing speed of the acne lesion.

Most acne patches are used pre-emptively, at nighttime, as the perfect time to heal blemishes in privacy from the comfort of your home.

Regardless of skin type, overnight acne patches are most effective for treating early whiteheads.

Designed to be used overnight – for at least six hours – nighttime acne patches will deliver a significant reduction in inflammation and accelerate the healing speed of the acne lesion.

However, overnight acne patches might not be of much help if you’re dealing with cystic or hormonal acne.

In most cases, the inflammation of a cystic acne lesion is more profound, and this technology may not penetrate deep enough to improve cystic acne fully.

Dermatologist Review

According to Dr. Jeanine Downie, Florence by Mills Spot a Spot Acne Patches have a potent blend of exfoliating salicylic acid and antibacterial tea tree oil that keeps pores and inflamed skin in check.


Florence Spot A Spot Overnight Acne Patches

Florence Spot A Spot Overnight Acne Patches

from $14

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Best Korean Acne Patches

Korean Ance Patches

Korean acne patches are filled with active ingredients that kill acne-causing bacteria and soothe inflammation.

Thanks to TikTok influencers bragging about the latest Korean beauty trends, Korean acne patches come in various gunk-absorbing formulas, sizes, and prices at peak popularity.

A staple among K-pop celebrities, Korean acne patches are ideal for targeting whiteheads, blackheads, and picked zits.

Most Korean acne patches are easy to apply and don’t wash off in the shower.

Ideal for reducing bumps, pain, and redness, these Korean acne patches are super effective at treating inflamed acne, like papules, and reducing the size of lesions caused by nodular or cystic acne.

Dermatologist Review

According to Dr. Lily Talakoub, Olive Young acne patches absorb the excess sebum and increase the healing speed.

Olive Young Care Plus Absorbing Cover Acne Patches

Olive Young Care Plus Absorbing Cover Acne Patches

from $9.98

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Best FSA Eligible Acne Patches

FSA Eligible Acne Patches

FSA Eligible acne patches are ideal for face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders bumps, pimples, and skin imperfections caused by dead skin cells, dirt, and oils clogging hair follicles.

Many readers asked us about Flexible Savings Account (FSA) acne patches.

Acne medicine is not eligible for reimbursement with a limited-purpose flexible spending account (LPFSA) or a dependent care flexible spending account (DCFSA).

However, most acne medicine is eligible for reimbursement if you have a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA), or a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA).

Dermatologist Review

According to Dr. Debra Jaliman, Rael Beauty acne patches are very effective due to their high-grade hydrocolloid formula, strong adhesive, and transparency.

Rael Beauty Miracle Invisible 24 ct. Acne Patches

Rael Beauty Miracle 24 ct. Acne Patches

from $6

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XL Spot Control Cover Body Acne Large Acne Clusters

XL Spot Control Cover Body Acne Large Acne Clusters

from $12

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Rael Microcrystal Acne Healing Patch

Rael Microcrystal Acne Healing Patch

from $11.99

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Rael Invisible Spot Cover For Surfaced Acne & Whiteheads

Rael Invisible Spot Cover
For Surfaced Acne & Whiteheads

from $12

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Best Invisible Spot Cover

Invisible Spot Cover

Invisible spot covers are ideal for masking acne, blemishes, and red spots and are very efficient at treating them by letting the hydrocolloid absorb pus and oil while protecting your skin against dirt so it can heal faster.

Small, invisible acne patches are suitable for daytime wear, so you can treat acne breakouts whenever possible.

Unfortunately, there’s no “Delete” button for skin acne, as is the case with many retouching apps on your smartphone.

Yet, you can use invisible acne patches; it is easier, faster, and more effective at healing pimples than popping them.

Popping pimples and spots worsens the situation by spreading acne bacteria to nearby pores and deeper into your skin.

Dermatologist Review

According to Dr. Kaitlyn Rose, for those with acne-prone skin requiring a lot of attention, BRIGHTJUNGLE invisible acne patches are perfect for daytime use alongside overnight treatment.

Acne Pimple Cover & Hydrocolloid Healing Invisible Patches

Acne Pimple Cover & Hydrocolloid Healing Invisible Patches

from $7.99

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Acne Patches FAQs

Do Pimple Patches Really Work?

Acne and pimple patches are ideal for dealing with emerging spots and active bumps as preventive and repair treatments.

However, pimple patches do not prevent acne from forming, nor can they clear clogged pores or other precursors to acne flares.

Moreover, pimple patches don’t work on closed lesions, deep lesions, or even deep blackheads and whiteheads called comedones.

What Are the Best Pimple Patches?

There are hundreds of pimple patches, some better than others, depending on what you are planning to use them for.

Below are some of the best pimple patches and what they’re suitable for:

  • Best pimple patch for moisturizing skin – Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Invisible Dots.
  • Best pimple patch for soothing skin – Rael Miracle Patch Microcrystal Spot Cover.
  • Best pimple patch for preventing breakouts – Acropass Trouble Cure.
  • Best pimple patch for exfoliating skin – ZitSticka KILLA Kit.
  • Best pimple patch for invisible coverage – Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch.

Are Hydrocolloid Patches Good for Acne?

The best acne patches contain hydrocolloid, a gel often used in wound care, which is ideal for inflamed acne lesions.

In addition to healing blemishes, the hydrocolloid in the acne sticker absorbs sebum and dirt and improves facial rejuvenation.

In simple terms, if your pimple is red or inflamed on the surface, hydrocolloid patches are an excellent treatment.

You can also use hydrocolloid bandages on raised acne lesions, whiteheads, and cystic acne.

Final Words on Acne Patches

I hope you’ve found my curation of the 11 best acne patches useful right now.

Before we conclude the article, here are some tips on how to choose the best acne patch for your skin:

Before committing to purchase acne patches, consider the following features:

  • Skin tone: Check whether the patches are suitable for your skin tone. Most acne patches have colors that blend in with any skin tone and become unnoticeable when applied.
  • Size and price: Most acne patch brands stock patches of different sizes, so always match the size of the patches (you can cut them at home) with your budget.
  • Ingredients: Some people benefit from acne patches that contain hyaluronic, while others are more responsive to tea tree oils. Also, check for benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, and salicylic acid, if you know to have an intolerance to these ingredients.
  • Adhesion: Always buy pimple stickers that stick well to your skin, mainly if you apply them before your beauty sleep.

Ideal for inflamed, oily, dry, sensitive, and combination skin, most patches contain an infusion of plant-based healing ingredients with excellent physicochemical properties.

All acne patches in this article contain tried and tested skin-clearing ingredients, ideal for removing stubborn breakouts and deep pimples and leaving you with clearer skin.

Sent over by some of the most popular acne patch brands right now, such as Cosrx, Hero Cosmetics, Peace Out, and Jason Wu Beauty, some of these stickers have become my favorite.

Keep one or more of these best-selling acne patches in your bag at all times, and thank me later.

I’ve also included stickers with extra-slim microneedles designed to deliver acne-fighting ingredients deeper into the skin and confront the most stubborn, hard-to-reach breakouts.

Acne stickers have the added benefit of preventing you from aggravating your skin by picking at pimples.

This is key, as picking a pimple increases inflammation and slows healing.

Instead of popping and picking your red spots and blemishes, apply an acne patch before bed; come morning, your pimple will be flattened, well on your way to a clear, radiating face.

Unlike some spot treatments, acne patches and stickers don’t leave skin dry and flaky.

Also called hydrocolloid bandages, most acne patches are small, circular, thin, and easy to apply.

“Hydrocolloid means that the patch can absorb oil, bacteria, and unwanted fluid from the pimple.”

explains Jason Emer, M.D., a celebrity board-certified dermatologist.

Moreover, scarring and getting an infection, and longer healing time rise a lot.

In the case of acne treatment, you’ll know the patch is working because you can see the process happening in real-time.

Clear acne patches turn white and expand while the skin (where the zit was located) flattens out and becomes redness-free.

After a couple of hours (or a good night’s sleep), peel off the protective acne patch to reveal all of the accumulated gunk — I find it immensely satisfying, in a strange way.

Above all, ensure you apply your acne patches only on clean skin right after a thorough cleanse and before applying the rest of your skin-care routine.

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Which one of these acne patches is your favorite and why?

Are there any other pimple patches or blemish spot treatments that worked for you and that you want to add to this list?

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